Dell PowerEdge (VRTX) CMC Firmware Upgrade

Release date: August 3rd 2021

Welcome to my Dell Series. In this quick session I will describe how I upgraded the Chassis Management Controller Firmware on a Dell PowerEdge (VRTX) server. This info might be redundant for some, but useful for others. Therefore I decided to create this session anyhow. I will be upgrading from v. 3.30 to 3.40 and start of by downloading the CMC firmware from Dell Support

Within the download file I find the release notes and the actual firmware file with the bin-extension.

Next, I log in to the CMC UI and verify the existing version. I click the Update Tab to be able to update the firmware.

I select the active firmware as target and click “Apply CMC Update”…

I browse and select the firmware file, vrtx_cmc_3.40.bin, “Begin Firmware Update”

The new firmware is transferred and installed

Once the CMC is rebooted, I can login and verify the newly installed CMC Firmware version.

This concludes my quick little session about CMC Firmware upgrade on a Dell VRTX Chassis.

Other miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

Disclaimer: Every tips/tricks/posting I have published here, is tried and tested in different it-solutions. It is not guaranteed to work everywhere, but is meant as a tip for other users out there. Remember, Google is your friend and don’t be afraid to steal with pride! Feel free to comment below as needed.

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