VMware DEM – Upgrade Manager to v. 2206

Release date: September 4th 2022

Welcome to my VMware Dynamic Environment Manager series. In this session I will describe how I upgraded the VMware DEM Manager to v. 2206. According to VMware’s official documentation, this should be done as step 12 in the supported update sequence.

I start out by downloading the installation media from VMware Customer Connect

Before I start the upgrade, I verify the installed version and build

This time I will be doing an unattended upgrade. First I download the msi-file to a temp folder.

I launch the upgrade by running the command below in an administrative cmd prompt

msiexec.exe /i "VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Enterprise 2206 10.6 x64.msi" /qn ADDLOCAL="FlexManagementConsole" /l* InstallDEM.log

Once the upgrade is done I can verify the status from the log-file and the installed version and build in Control Panel

This concludes my session about upgrading the VMware DEM Manager to v. 2206. I can now proceed with upgrading the GPO-bundles, posted here: VMware DEM – Upgrade GPO Templates to v. 2206

VMware DEM – Upgrades

My VMware DEM LAB Set Up

Official VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Documentation

Disclaimer: Every tips/tricks/posting I have published here, is tried and tested in different it-solutions. It is not guaranteed to work everywhere, but is meant as a tip for other users out there. Remember, Google is your friend and don’t be afraid to steal with pride! Feel free to comment below as needed.

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