VMware Horizon JMP – Upgrade to v. 7.9

Release date: June 6th 2019

Welcome to my VMware Horizon JMP series. This topic will cover upgrading JMP. As I have already upgraded my existing Horizon environment to 7.9, View Composer, Connection Server, Agents and GPO’s, it’s now time to upgrade the JMP server.

Prior to upgrading my JMP Server, I shut  down my JMP Server and take a snapshot



Once the server is up and running I start the upgrade by running the executable



This installer detects my old version and upgrades this, OK…



When the InstallShield wizard launches, Next…



I accept the license terms, Next…



I fill in my database-info, browse to find the correct database, Next…






When the InstallShield wizard completes, Finish…



I reboot the server and verify that the JMP services are started afterwards



I log in to «/newadmin» and test functionality



This concludes my session about upgrading my VMware Horizon JMP server to 7.9. Not a terribly difficult task. Once functionality is verified and backup run, I make sure to remove the snapshot I created to begin with.


VMware Horizon JMP – Upgrades

VMware Horizon JMP planning, deployment etc.

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