VMware Horizon JMP – Planning

Release date: June 6th 2019

Welcome to my VMware Horizon JMP series. This topic will cover the different aspects of planning before deploying VMware Horizon JMP. In my lab-environment the layout is as show below.


In planning before setting up JMP Server, I have to take in to account the following requirements:

  • License
  • Virtual Hardware Requirements
  • Supported server operating systems
  • Database Requirements
  • Supported Web Browsers
  • Required Domain users and database logins
  • Firewall ports



In order to use VMware Horizon JMP, an Enterprise license is required. See VMware’s pdf regarding this issue here: VMware Horizon Editions Compare Chart PDF



Virtual Hardware Requirements

VMware has published hardware requirements here: Hardware Requirements for JMP Server For this JMP-setup, I have created a word-document to ease the deployment process. I have attached this as PDF here: JMP-Server




Supported server operating systems

VMware has published OS requirements for Horizon JMP Server here: Supported Operating System for JMP Server As pr. VMware’s requirements MS Server 2016 are supported



Database Requirements

JMP server will need a database. I will therefore need to create a database and a couple of logins. Before I prepare my database setup, I verify the database requirements from VMware here: Database Requirements for JMP Server



Supported Web Browsers

As the administration of workflow is done in a web browser, VMware has published what web browsers a supported, here: Supported Web Browser for JMP Integrated Workflow



Required Domain users and database logins

Before I can set up VMware JMP server, I will be creating the following domain users and SQL-logins.




Firewall ports

The most important criteria for success with VMware Horizon JMP Server, as with all other Horizon components, is to open the necessary firewall ports. Luckily, VMware Tech Zone has published a very comprehensive guide to this here: Network Ports in VMware Horizon 7

I recommend anyone who is working with Horizon to use this guide when setting up Horizon environments. As for my VMware JMP Server I will have to verify that the following ports are open:



With all planning done, I can now proceed with preparations, posted here: VMware Horizon JMP – Prepare


VMware Horizon JMP on VMware Tech Zone

VMware Horizon JMP planning, deployment etc.

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