VMware Horizon JMP – Prepare

Release date: June 6th 2019

Welcome to my VMware Horizon JMP series. This topic will cover the different aspects of preparations for VMware Horizon JMP installation.

  • Deploy server
    • Deploy virtual machine with required virtual hardware
    • Set ip, join Domain, locate computer account in correct OU
    • Verify Windows Time settings
  • Download Installation media
  • Create necessary domain user and assign permissions
  • Database
    • Create database
    • Create and assign logins and permissions


Deploy server

As pr. planning and verification vs. requirements, I can now deploy a new VM for the JMP Server.






As this is a Lab set up, I will limit memory to 4 GB, not 8 GB as was a prerequisite




Once the VM is deployed, I set an IP address and join it to my domain. I also move the computer-account to the correct OU in ADUC and verify that both my connection servers and the new JMP server is synchronized with the domain-provided Time-server settings.



Download installation media

From My Vmware I download the installer to the new JMP server.



Create necessary domain user and assign permissions

I create a user in AD, JmpAdmin, and add this user to Administrators-group locally on the new server named view-jmp01.ad.admin.frelab.net



Create database and SQL Logins

I log into my SQL Server, open SQL Management Studio and create a new database for Horizon JMP. (This setup was initially done on a single stand-alone SQL server, DB-01. I have moved this database to a SQL Always On Cluster since this initial set up.)



I name my new database JMPDB




Next, I’ll create SQL Logins



I make sure to deselect ” Enforce password policy”



This user has to have the sysadmin server role



I give this user db_owner permissions on the JMPDB database



Next, I will create a SQL Login for my domain user



I click Search to find my domain user



I change location to Entire Directory and locate my user




I assign this user db_owner permissions on my JMPDB database



Now, that my preparations are complete, I can move on with the actual installation job, posted here: VMware Horizon JMP – Installation


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VMware Horizon JMP planning, deployment etc.

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