VMware Horizon View 7.6 – Prepare

Welcome to my VMware Horizon View series, how I setup “View” in my LAB. In this session I will describe how I did the preparations-phase. After finishing my planning, I can now begin the preparations for my design.




As we can see, we will need 4 new virtual machines, 2 connection servers, 1 appvol and 1 uem-server. I will deploy these from my “golden” 2016 server template. Furthermore, I will make some changes to permissions and folder structure, covered here: VMware Horizon View 7.6 Prepare VMware vCenter


I will need to prepare active directory for VMware Horizon View. As there are many ways of doing this, I will refer to VMware’s excellent documentation about this here:



Before I can proceed, I need to ensure that my VLAN’s, PortGroups, IP-Subnets are available. I will also need to check that DHCP is available in my VDI-VLAN. Finally Firewall-openings between the different VLAN’s have to be checked.


The connection server will need an events-database, so I have to prepare that. I have covered this topic here: VMware Horizon View 7.6 Setup DB for EventsDB

Next step now is to install the VMware Horizon View Connection server, this is covered in my post: VMware Horizon View 7.6 Connection Server Setup


VMware Horizon View 7.6 planning, deployment etc.

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