VMware UEM – Managment Console Install

Welcome to my VMware User Environment Manager series, how I setup “UEM” in my LAB. In this session I will describe how I did the install-phase.

Prior to installing the VMware UEM Server, we need to review the pre-requisites layed out by VMware here: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-User-Environment-Manager/9.5/com.vmware.user.environment.manager-install-config/GUID-DBBC82E4-483F-4B28-9D49-4D28E08715BC.html

In my preparation I downloaded the necessary files from VMware, as my server is MS Windows 2016 server, I will go with VMware User Environment Manager 9.5 x64





I choose “Custom” Setup type


I de-select all components except VMware UEM Management Console




Now that VMware UEM Management Console in installed, I can proceed with configuring the UEM Management Console, read about that here: VMware UEM Management Console Configuration


VMware User Environment Manager LAB setup

Vmware User Environment Manager product page

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