VMware DEM – Redesign of the DEM setup to handle different Windows 10 Builds

After having done a lot of troubleshooting with the Windows 10 Start Menu on Build 1809, I recognized that I had to adjust my design. It could be smart to have different DEM Config and Profiles for the different builds. This way, I would maintain a consistent setup even if MS makes changes to their OS Build, that isn’t compatible between versions. This ability to differentiate could also be applied to different user groups or different desktop-pools. I could, for instance, have one DEM Config with a lot of predefined settings for one pool of desktops, and another without any of these settings. Very granular and flexible approach to user settings management in other words.

So what I did was this.

I first created separate OU’s for the different builds.


Next I created separate GPO’s that redirects the DEM Agents to different Config and Profiles folders on my DFS share


With this approach I can edit the different configurations as I choose by simply open different configs in my DEM Manager


The different pools in Horizon View are setup to use the different OU’s when deploying new clones.


Again, kudos to VMware for their excellent dev-team for creating this excellent user environment management system….

My VMware DEM LAB Set Up

Vmware Dynamic Environment Manager product page

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