VMware Horizon Setup in a multi domain/forest environment

A customer of mine wants to use VMware Horizon in a multi domain/forest environment. As I haven’t done this in a while, I thought I should do this in my LAB first. To achieve this I had to complete the following steps.

  • Set up a new domain and create trust between old and new domain.

Posted here: Microsoft Windows – Setup Two-way Domain/Forest Trust

  • Migrate/copy GPO’s from old to new domain.

Posted here: Microsoft Windows – Copy/Migrate GPO from one domain to another

  • Set up Horizon components for multi domain/forest architecture.

Posted here: VMware Horizon – Multi Domain/Forest Setup

All in all, quite an interesting exercise to do…:)

PS: A requirement for success here is that VLAN’s, IP sub nets, DNS, DHCP Scopes, Firewall Rules etc. are properly configured….

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