Microsoft Windows Deployment Service – Troubleshooting ADKSetup-error

Release date: August 31st 2021

Welcome to my Microsoft Tips & Tricks section. In my session: Microsoft Windows Deployment Service – Task Sequence, I had a little issue with an error that arose when I tried to open the unattend.xml in my task sequence. The error message was somewhat cryptic, “Unable to generate catalog…” and happened when I tried to do the following. In Deployment Workbench, I selected my task sequence and opened Properties.

From the OS Info tab, I tried clicking “Edit Unattend.xml”

The process faulted after a while and I got the error-message below: “Unable to generate catalog….” and so on….

After some googling, I narrowed the issue down to the version of adksetup.exe vs. the Windows 10 build I imported into the deployment beforehand. I had downloaded v. 10.1.18362.1, which obviously doesn’t work well with Windows 10 build 2004.

To remediate this issue, I downloaded the “latest and greatest” version of adksetup.exe from MS: Download and install the Windows ADK, v. 10.1.1904.1, uninstalled the old version and reinstalled this new version. I also did the same with adkwinpesetup.exe.

After upgrading the components above there was no problem opening the Unattend.xml inside the Deployment Workbench.

I don’t know if this is very helpful to very many people, but if you run into the same issue, this is how I fixed my problem.

Microsoft Tips & Tricks section

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